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Hotel Operators

We have a solution for Hotel operators wishing to outsource their restaurant & bar business to a 3rd party.

Many hotel companies, if they are being quite honest, do not really consider restaurants as a part of their profit making scenario thus marking them out as areas to control cost rather than the potential revenue centre they should be. Most are viewed as places for guests to simply grab a bite to eat rather than to spend time actually enjoying a meal and /o or drink.

Most operators tend to decide on their F&B concept in the same way that they decide on their bedrooms and lobby designs, but sadly for them their guests frequently do not. Most of us have common expectations when we are choosing where to stay. Is the hotel near the location I need to be, are the bedrooms clean, well appointed, safe and most of all dark/quite at 3am when I need to sleep. These ideals are true whenever anyone travels on business globally or locally. What we all often overlook is the very nature of how we conduct business and how it effects how we dine on these trips.

Why you should risk opening a ‘destination outlet’ in your hotel:

  • As an owner – you should wish to have at least one outlet for prestige if nothing else. People need to be talking about it!
  • As a designer- you should find it more rewarding to create and delivering something fresh, unique and challenging.
  • As an operator- it allows your teams to create an experience for your guests in keeping with your image of how true hospitality should be delivered.

Why not build it and then work feverishly to make it pay off rather than leaving space to go to waste. Remember no one ever got rich by having a larger lobby.

Also never underestimate the intrinsic value of a popular outlet in the online world. The ‘value added’ of having destination outlets is that it will be talked about on Social Media.

Creating at least one ‘destination outlet’ in your hotel is key for the future success of your business. Just ask “Treasury on Collins” whom have licensed their F&B noon-core business to us. The results & the fit out speak for themselves.


We can do the same with you.

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